Cold Memory & a Cool Contest for Readers

I just revealed the cover for my next series on my Facebook page. Although that series currently has no name (more on that a little later), the first novel is titled Cold Memory.

Currently slated for publication in mid-July 2017, Cold Memory is substantially different than the Edwin Burrows Mysteries. This new series involves a bigger mystery, which makes it less common to the things Edwin Burrows faces. So, for readers that don’t like Edwin’s problems because they’re too common, Cold Memory will introduce them to a much bigger problem.

In the case of Cold Memory, Niles Kneade suffers from an interesting and very unique problem. He has a condition where the electrical impulses that travel up his spine to his brain don’t get properly dispersed. In other words, electricity is retained and stored in a part of his brain until his brain “short circuits.” These short circuits are called resets, and when a reset happens, it zaps the memory part of his brain, erasing data.

The problem is that Niles is experiencing these resets at greater frequency and the damage is getting deeper and deeper. Eventually, he won’t remember basic human functions like eating and breathing.

This memory issue was one of his main motivators for co-founding a cryopreservation company called CryoPause. Unlike other cryo companies, Niles’ relies on a sleep theory where people can co-exist in a state of subconscious known as the Stage Two Sleep State. But because the theory behind Stage Two is in its infancy and cryopreservation is irreversible, the solution isn’t as straightforward as one might think.

To keep track of his life’s details, Niles writes in pocket-sized notebooks. Thinks like his name, what his daughter likes and dislikes, his plans for CryoPause, etc., etc.. This was largely the inspiration behind the unique cover design you see here. And the date? Well, that’s not very important right now…

In Cold Memory, Niles has thirty-five days to make the impact he has always wanted to make, but with one twist: instead of impacting CryoPause and making the kind of difference to the lives of others, he decides to remedy the relationships he has been subordinating. In particular, he wants to make things better with his daughter.

I wrote this novel last year. I’ve held on to it because I wasn’t sure where it would fit with the Edwin Burrows Mysteries. Now that I have four Edwin Burrows novels written, I have a slightly better idea for these “Cold Memory” stories.

A Contest Unlike Any Other for Harv’s Readers!

And that brings me to the naming of this series. While some other authors offer to put people’s names in a book, I’ve decided that readers who leave a review for Cold Memory will have a chance to name this series. But it gets better than that. Not only will this lucky reader name the series, not only will they be acknowledged in all of the series’ books, not only will they receive early-release copies of the future novels and novellas in the series for free, but this lucky winner will also determine the main plot-line and a new character for book 4!

If this appeals to you, make sure you’re on my reader list. Once Cold Memory releases, you’ll receive an email from me outlining what needs to happen to make your voice and opinion heard! (Psst… I have less than twelve people on my mailing list right now…your odds are pretty dang good!)