Blackmail Broker

As I  approach the publication date for Blackmail Broker, I find I’m a little anxious. Yes, the reviews so far for Alibi Aficionado have been incredibly supportive. But Blackmail Broker is…well, it’s different.

In this novel, Edwin Burrows has to find Rachel super-quick because he is tasked with solving a different kind of crime. When one of the partners comes to him and claims that one of their clients is suspected of being blackmailed, he knows he can’t perform without Rachel’s help. And things get worse when he learns that this client is none other than Bruce Canary, owner of Canary Transportation, a school bus company.

But that’s not the worst of the worse…THAT happens when one of Bruce’s school buses is hijacked on the first day after Christmas break. There are fifty-four students on board, the FBI is heavily involved, and there’s a theory floating around the office that if Edwin figures out the blackmail angle, he’ll find (and rescue) these missing kids.

Things get real when the first ransom demands are made:

Fifty-grand for each student.

I won’t add any of the gazillion spoilers I have. Sorry! But, hopefully, it’s clear now that Blackmail Broker is definitely different than Alibi Aficionado.

I’ll add that while this story certainly feels a lot more serious than Alibi, I caught myself laughing throughout the editing process. Especially at the beginning, before “shit gets real” as a lot of other authors would say.

I hope you enjoy Blackmail as much as you enjoyed Alibi. It’s definitely more of a heavy mystery…maybe a little too heavy, because the next novel in this series, Conspiracy Connoisseur, seems to be a lot lighter and more fun. But before we get to book three, how about you go and pick up book 2?

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