Two Weeks Before Alibi Aficionado Is Live!

With two weeks left before Alibi Aficionado introduces millions of people (okay, maybe a handful) to Edwin Burrows, it’s probably worth making a mention of what I’ve been working on. I say this because it seems to change from day to day, depending on where the creative mojo is flowing.

At this very moment, I just finished writing the first 6k for the third instalment in the Edwin Burrows Mystery series. Yes, third. The second has been returned by Megan (my editor) and it’s waiting for me to get to it. I always thought the second novel (tentatively titled Blackmail Broker) was better than Alibi, but Megan had a different opinion. And that’s okay; it’s even a good thing because now I will edit it even harder than I’d planned.

With Alibi‘s publication date approaching super fast, I’ve also been contacting blogs that might be interested in reading my novel and providing a review. While I have no doubt that the marketing plan behind the novel is healthy enough to provide for a satisfactory launch to my novel-writing career, it’s always nerve-wracking to get someone’s feedback on your work. To me, all of these bloggers’ opinions and reviews are vital, extremely important.

I’ve also contacted some of the special readers and fans from my past life, people who enjoyed my unconventional storytelling and voice. I do believe that the voice in Alibi will have a ring of familiarity to some readers, but the story itself is obviously new and these loyal and supportive readers haven’t seen a full-on mystery from me yet. So I’m extremely anxious about getting their feedback too, and that’s the feedback that will fuel me into writing future novels!

I remember the weeks leading up to a novel’s publication as filled with excitement, with the anticipation of offering something new pushing me forward from day to day. I was never writing another novel during a release period. I was never really trying to market a book. I definitely wasn’t introducing myself to new (to me) bloggers and begging them to read a story written by someone they’d never heard about before.

In many ways, this is all very new to me.

And that’s a good thing.

This is a (mostly) fresh start. This is a new pen name, a new identity, a new type of story for me.

And I hope you enjoy it!