Harvey Church

Hi, my name is Harvey Church and I’m a self-published mystery novelist. My novels are different than others in the genre because I take a different approach to my stories. In my Edwin Burrows novels, some might say that different approach is absolute hilarity (most would probably say they’re childish in an endearing way).

I don’t believe we’ve seen every type of story there ever was or will be…I believe the best stories remain unwritten, and it’s my job as a novelist to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling in the mystery genre and bring readers something new, something to make them proud to say “I read Harv Church, and you should too.”

I chose Mystery as the primary genre because it’s what I’ve always read. I don’t know if I’m any good at mysteries, but I’m told I’m a pretty decent author (based on feedback to Alibi Aficionado as well as other novels I’ve written under a pen name). So why not try something I’m passionate about, right?

Here is a list of the novels I’m planning on publishing in 2017 (and their expected release dates in brackets)

  • Alibi Aficionado* (February 2017)
  • Blackmail Broker* (March 2017)
  • Conspiracy Connoisseur* (May 2017)
  • Cold Memory (July 2017)
  • Dividend Debutante* (September 2017)
  • more…

Edwin Burrows Mystery

I definitely have big goals. On average, I write 20,000 words per week, so the issue isn’t getting the words on paper, it’s finding the time to edit the product that comes back from my editor. And also to do the things that need to get done like eating, spending time with the people in my life, and all of those chores I never feel like doing (which is probably why I’m writing 20,000 words per week anyway; to avoid those chores).


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